20 yellow roses basket


Exclusive 25 Red Roses Basket


20 Yellow Roses in Oval Shape Basket.

Yellow roses are perfect for casual occasions, or for friends and family. This vase with 20 fresh strips is decorated with lots of green filler and is styled with dry sticks to enhance its look which is beautifully arranged in a beautiful basket. Send this bunch of yellow roses to your friends, coworkers, or acquaintances to show that you were thinking of them. Care instructions- Flower care is important for long lasting healthy flowers.

Read flower care instructions below.

  • Remove 1 inch from a sharp knife with a hand-tied bouquet stem knife of roses and other flowers and cut at an angle.
  • Do not use scissors or crush the stem, this prevents the flower from taking water.
  • Stand in a deep vase filled with water with added flower food.
  • Change the water in the vase at least twice a week.
  • If the head of the flower flatters, cut the stem from the top and set the flower in 1 inch boiling water at the earliest.
  • Keep flowers away from sunlight, fruits and radiators, the longer the cooler will last. Flower Basket Arrangement When your flower is arranged, top the container with water.
  • Top the flowers with drinking water. Keep the system away from sunlight and radiators. The colder the room, the longer the flowers stay.
  • Remove the blooms as they wither. Happy Gifting!



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