Bouquet of 24 Mix Flowers – 3 Gerberas, 16 Roses , 5 Lilies With Sweets


Gift this lovely bouquet of 24 mixed color flowers – 3 gerberas, 16 roses, 5 lilies. Ideal and perfect gift for someone special and very near and dear, with 500 grams of sweets as per your choice from the given dropdown.


Buy 24 Mix Flowers Bouquet with sweets  online in Hyderabad

Product Details : 24 Mix Bouquet- 16 Roses , 5 Lilies 3 Gerberas,beautifully wrapped in tissue paper along with ribbon tied around it along with fillers in it along with any sweets of 500 gms as per your choice selected by you from the dropdown. Available Sweets -, Motichoor Laddu, Kaju Katli Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Sohan Papadi.