Best 5 Social Media Optimization Tips

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Best 5 Social Media Optimization Tips


Social Media has become a part of the daily schedule for those who are familiar with digital technologies. Whatever be the time around the clock, at least once everyone has a look at their social media account. In this world full of extreme competition, it has become very challenging to find out the potential customers and interact with them. Social media is one of the most trusted and powerful platforms where business can adverse their brand, products, and services. Using a proper social media optimization strategy, you can reach a vast ocean of users across the world that is seeking the service like what you are dealing with.

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Are you confused about how to do social media optimization? We have discussed below some of the powerful, trusted, tested, and proven strategies and tips by which you can boost up the productivity of your social media optimization campaign.


Around 70 per cent of responses concluded that hashtags (#) play a crucial role in their mix marketing approaches.

Hashtags (#) does not only assist you in determining new potential users and allows you an optimal path to approach them. Hashtags give users a way to reach you.

Let’s have a look at a few tips for effectively incorporating hashtags into your marketing strategy:

  • Find out the influencers in your specific domain and try to get which hashtags they are using
  • Determine your niche-specific hashtags that are in trend
  • Keep an eye over the communications taking place regarding your niche or business
  • Build your specific hashtags to produce buzz across a campaign or advertising process.


Around 40 per cent of responses from the social media experts accepted that they schedule their posts about a week in advance. About 60 per cent of SMO/ SMM experts agreed that they schedule their social media posts at least one day in advance.

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You must be thinking of what the need for scheduling the posts arises. This is to cover up the unpredicted circumstances that can appear at any instance of time that can stop you from sharing the regular social media posts. Consistency in social media is one of the most crucial aspects that lead to fair client engagement. Scheduling ensures the regularity in social media posting, whatever be the circumstances.


In this world of hectic and busy life, no one has the time to spend on reading the boring text. That’s why professional digital marketers prefer the use of images. I am not saying that content is not essential, but we can’t even overlook the significant role that images and infographics play. Experts have revealed that social media user engagement can be doubled by using the proper images with appropriate text and visual effects.

Try to use the flow diagrams, interactive images, and infographics to enhance user engagement on social platforms. Around 80% of the social media optimization professionals stated that images are the most influential factors that bring impression and leads. The possibility of leads generated through social platforms has a higher conversion rate.

Carefully have a look at analytics to know the sorts of images that your potential clients are favouring the most. Whether it is Infographics? Motivational? Humorous? Inspirational? After identifying the most favoured image type, focus on posting those images to get more client attention, and increased user engagement.

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While visiting the various social media marketers during the research, it is concluded that around 70 per cent of the states to post at least one post daily on the social platform. On the other hand, 20 per cent of them confessed to posting at least thrice a day. I also want to share my personal experience with you; I would also like to favour the thought of sharing social media posts at least three times a day. There is a vast range of social media users; the time they do social media surfing varies, so it is impossible to make a single social media post reach to them all. Posts published on three different times have a higher possibility of client engagement and more leads.

Some post very little and some post too much; both the conditions are harmful for a business reputation. We have to maintain a stable balance between the posts that we share. Are you still confused about the number of times you should post on social media?

I would recommend you to try posting at social media with varying frequencies (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 posts a day). You will automatically get to know how the user engagement is varying and which posting style can profit you more.


We cannot judge which social media platform our potential users like the most, and at what time they actively appear there. That’s why we need to actively publish social media posts on three to five social platforms regularly. The more social platforms you choose to publish your post, higher will be the probability of getting user engagement and leads.

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Around 85 per cent of the social media optimization experts have stated that they publish daily posts on three social platforms, and 60 per cent agreed that they publish on 4 to 5 social platforms.

These are the statistics of the most popularly known social media marketing experts. I want to add some of my words, the more social platforms you choose for sharing your posts; greater will be the possibility of higher engagement and leads.

Regularly posting on Twitter, LikedIn, and Facebook is usually an excellent idea for all social media advertisers.

For finding out which other social media sites you have to use, keep the following point in mind:

  • Is your brand dealing in the cooking, fashion, retail, or home décor domain? Follow Pinterest.
  • Are you directing your efforts to target the professionals who are well educated? Should follow LinkedIn.
  • Is your business belongs to the IT domain, and want to know what you should offer? Google Plus is the social platform for you.


Never compromise with the quality of content that you are sharing at social media. Despite the regular changes and updates in the search engine algorithms, there is one thing that always remained at the top. It is the necessity of sharing the superior quality of content with original and unique writing. Content is the king when we talk search engine or social media optimization. So be careful to avoid poor and unorganized content.


Just writing the original and appropriate content is not enough to make a page rank at the top of SERP or getting engagement on social media.We have to target the proper keywords as per the business needs. Without using the keyword in social media content is almost not of much use. Apart from direct engagement with the user from social media, social media optimization is to boost up the site SEO. For boosting the SEO, the use of keywords is a fundamental and most necessary thing.

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