CHOICES: While preparing the Project Brief, you will have to keep in mind the different CHOICES available. It is important to make a definite choice, out of the possible alternatives right at the beginning before the commencement of the building. This will enable you to plan your budget in advance and give the right picture to the Architect.

CHOICES – MATERIALS: There are so many choices in MATERIALS such as Bricks, cement blocks, wood, aluminum, marble, vitrified tiles, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of each are described here.

CHOICES – INTERIORS:  In planning the INTERIORS, there are so many options like open-plan or privacy, sunk bathroom versus flat bathroom, modular kitchen or traditional kitchen, etc. The advantages and disadvantages have been explained here.

CHOICES – EXTERIOR:  While planning the EXTERIORS of the house, you will have to make decisions on the parking – basement vs ground or car porch vs garage or whether you want more garden or paved areas, etc. These options are discussed here with their advantages and disadvantages. 

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