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VAASTU PLAN Once the Project Brief has been prepared and you have a rough idea of your preferences in the choice of materials, the Interiors, and the Exteriors, it is time to turn your thoughts to the plan of the House. Many people are unsure as to how the rooms should be laid out (the Plan). So, an easy way to […]


CHOICES: While preparing the Project Brief, you will have to keep in mind the different CHOICES available. It is important to make a definite choice, out of the possible alternatives right at the beginning before the commencement of the building. This will enable you to plan your budget in advance and give the right picture to […]

Starting Building Construction

Starting Building Construction There may be variations as every project is unique and follows different design and construction process. In general, the basic steps involved in a building project are briefly explained. When there is a plan to develop a new building, it is very necessary to have an idea about the start and the […]

Best 5 Social Media Optimization Tips

Best 5 Social Media Optimization Tips SMO Social Media has become a part of the daily schedule for those who are familiar with digital technologies. Whatever be the time around the clock, at least once everyone has a look at their social media account. In this world full of extreme competition, it has become very […]